Atlanta Braves Stock

How to Buy Atlanta Braves Stock

Have you ever dreamed of owning a piece of a professional sports franchise? For devoted fans of Major League Baseball’s Atlanta Braves, that dream can become reality by purchasing team stock.


While not as simple as buying shares of public companies like Apple or Microsoft, investing in Atlanta Braves stock allows you to support your favorite squad and potentially profit from their success.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of investing in Atlanta Braves stock from start to finish. We’ll explain the different classes of shares, help you choose a trading platform, detail how to open and fund an investment account, and provide tips for placing your initial Braves stock purchase order. Whether you’re a first-time investor or seasoned stock-picker, you’ll have complete knowledge on how to buy Atlanta Braves stocks.

Understanding Atlanta Braves Stock

When looking to purchase Atlanta Braves stock, the first key detail to understand is that there are two primary classes of shares available: Series A and Series C preferred stock. Braves shares are not currently traded on public markets like the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq. Instead, they are bought and sold via private exchanges that match buyers and sellers of shares in privately held companies.

The Atlanta Braves are majority owned by Liberty Media, an American mass media company, which holds the team’s common stock shares. Preferred stockholders like Series A and Series C owners have limited voting rights compared to common shareholders. However, preferred shares have the benefit of first priority to receive dividends and asset distribution if the Braves franchise were ever liquidated.

Of the two options, Series A Braves stock (BATRA) offers more potential influence with 1/10th of a Class A share’s vote on major franchise decisions. Series C shares (BATRK) have no voting rights but offer slightly higher dividends. Evaluate your personal priorities between voting power and investment returns when deciding which class best meets your needs as a prospective Braves owner.

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best trading platforms to buy shares

Choosing a Platform

When it comes to buying shares of the Atlanta Braves franchise, you can’t simply open a brokerage account with mainstream retail stock trading apps. Because Braves stock is not publicly listed, investors need access to private exchange networks that facilitate the transfer of shares. This means conducting careful research to select reliable platforms suited for this type of unlisted securities investment.

Several reputable sites provide this niche service, but every trader has unique needs and priorities. Key factors to consider when comparing Atlanta Braves stock trading platforms include:

  • Fees: Commissions, account fees, and transaction charges can quickly eat into your investment returns. Compare fee structures across various platforms.
  • Ease of Use: The sign-up process, site navigation and order placement should be relatively seamless. Assess the learning curve.
  • Research Tools: Robust company reports, financial visualizations, ownership data and more aid informed investing.
  • Customer Support: Responsive team available to promptly address investor questions and issues.

Among the leading options, BuySellSports, RobinHood and TastyTrade are popular for buying Atlanta Braves shares. Weigh the pros and cons before choosing your preferred platform for this specialty investment.

Opening an Account

Once you select your preferred platform for investing in Atlanta Braves stock, it’s time to open a trading account. The sign-up process only takes a few minutes, and you’ll need to have key information handy.

In general, expect to provide details like:

  • Personal Information: Full legal name, primary address, date of birth, Social Security Number.
  • Contact Data: Phone number, email address.
  • Employment Details: Company name, industry, position, employment status.
  • Financial Information: Annual income, estimated net worth, investing experience.

Reputable sites make the account opening process quick and easy with online forms. However, you will need to submit documentation to verify your identity and eligibility to trade unlisted securities. Most platforms require a copy of a government-issued ID (like a driver’s license or passport) plus proof of address from a recent utility bill or bank statement.

Once your new account is approved and verified, you’ll gain access to the platform’s dashboard. This is where you can monitor your account balance, holdings, transaction history and place buy/sell orders for investments like Atlanta Braves stock.

Now it’s time to fund your account so you have capital available to make purchases. Let’s run through some options for making deposits.

Funding Your Account

When setting up your Atlanta Braves stock trading account, an important next step is transferring funds into the account to enable buying shares. These investment sites provide a range of convenient funding options modern investors expect, although some methods have faster processing times than others. Common account deposit methods include:

  • Bank Transfers (ACH): Link your checking or savings account to transfer money into your investment account electronically. Free and simple, but can take 3-5 days to process deposits.
  • Wire Transfers: Direct and secure bank-to-bank money transfers post to your account typically within 1-2 business days. Fees of $10-$25 per deposit are common.
  • Debit/Credit Cards: Immediate access to capital by funding with a card, yet deposits often carry a 1.5-3% surcharge from the platform.

Consider initial and recurring deposit amounts in the context of your broader investing budget and strategy. Most platforms have account minimums, with some requiring a $500 first transfer or up to $5,000 to gain access to enhanced customer support and resources. Don’t fund more than you feel comfortable investing given the inherent risks in owning sports team stock.

Once there are dollar signs next to your Braves investment account balance indicating available capital, you’re ready for the exciting step of placing your first buy order for shares of your favorite baseball franchise!

Placing Your Order

The culmination of setting up your personal Atlanta Braves stock portfolio is submitting your very first order to buy ownership shares of the franchise. While investing in privately held companies carries inherently more risk than buying a blue chip stock, putting in the work to make informed purchasing decisions is key to mitigate such unpredictability.

Two primary types of orders allow flexibility in terms of share price:

  • Market Orders: Specify the number of shares to buy/sell immediately at current market prices. Simple yet offers no control over the purchase price.
  • Limit Orders: Define the maximum price you’re willing to pay per share during a given period before the order expires.

When ready to join Braves ownership ranks, navigate to the trading platform’s order page and prepare your buy transaction details:

  • Action: Buy
  • Symbol: BATRA (or BATRK depending on preferred share class)
  • Number of Shares
  • Order Type: Market or Limit
  • Duration: Day Order / Good-‘Til-Cancelled

Double and triple check order accuracy before submitting to avoid costly errors. Once transmitted, your platform will match your capital with sellers to complete share purchases based on market supply and demand dynamics.

Welcome to the team – you’re now an owner of the Atlanta Braves! But remember, buying sports stocks should only be one smartly balanced component of a diversified, responsible broader investment portfolio strategy built on diligent research.

Additional Considerations

Owning a piece of a storied Major League Baseball franchise like the Atlanta Braves is an exciting proposition for any devoted baseball fan. However, buying alternative assets like sports team stock should be an informed decision, as this niche investment comes with heightened risks compared to traditional equities.

While the Braves have an established history of success and a bright future after surprisingly winning the 2021 World Series, on-field performance is unpredictable. Injuries, slumps, front office shakeups, and other uncertainties could negatively impact the franchise’s profitability. These factors directly influence Atlanta Braves stock prices, which tend to be more volatile than publicly traded corporate stocks.

Other elements that could disrupt share values include league labor disputes, salary cap changes, rising stadium/operational costs, and unforeseen scandals/controversies. Conduct thorough research on the franchise’s financial footing and mitigate risks through portfolio diversification across asset classes, industries, and geographies.

This guide aims to educate prospective investors on navigating the playbook for buying Braves shares. However, every fan’s financial situation and risk tolerance is unique. Seek guidance from a qualified financial advisor or investment professional before buying Atlanta Braves stock to confirm the purchase aligns with your broader economic goals.


Joining the roster of Atlanta Braves owners alongside high-profile names like former President Jimmy Carter is now an attainable dream for devoted baseball fans. This guide outlined all the steps involved in purchasing equity stock of the defending World Series champions.

We discussed the unique process for buying shares in a professional sports team, including:

  • Learning the differences between Series A and Series C Braves stock
  • Selecting reputable trading platforms to open an account
  • Submitting identity verification and funding your account
  • Placing market/limit orders to buy shares using the BATRA/BATRK ticker
  • Conducting research to make informed investment decisions

While buying into your favorite MLB franchise carries more risk than typical stocks, Atlanta Braves shares offer an alternative path to ownership and long-term profit potential. Hopefully this breakdown demystified the process and you now know how to buy Atlanta Braves stocks.

With competitive spirit and shrewd money moves like this, you’ll fit right into the Braves’ front office! Stay disciplined in your research and portfolio strategy, and your financial bases could soon be loaded with rewards to match the excitement of Atlanta’s championship run.